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My Plea to Coach Kelly: “No More Tebow Talk..please”


You know, I used to be a slight admirer of Philadelphia Eagles head coach, Chip Kelly. But him inviting Tim Tebow to workout for his team, reigniting this “TEBOWMANIA” crap has got me feeling a bit less admiring of coach Kelly and a lot more despising.

I mean come on Chip! We finally had this kneeling, half assed quarterback out of our thoughts and prayers, and you had to go and pour gasoline on the proverbial dwindling fame of one Timothy Tebow.

Look, I’m all for giving certain former athletes a chance, but coach Kelly bringing in a quarterback that hasn’t thrown an “in game” pass since 2012 seems like a ploy in my book. As if the straight up trade of Nick Foles for Sam Bradford wasn’t bad enough, Chip had to spark these media idiots with the notion of Tebow coming back.

Am I still bitter about the embarrassing playoff loss my Pittsburgh Steelers suffered at the handed of this “One Pass Wonder”? Perhaps. But I’m much more bitter by the fact that you have now reminded me of this. So here is my letter to you, coach Kelly:

Dear Chip,

     “STOP IT ALREADY”! You already proved your cunningness by snatching running back DeMarco Murray out from underneath the stuck up noses of the Dallas Cowboys, so please quit while you’re ahead. Just do all of us a favor and draft Mariota like we all know that you are, and keep the name “Tebow” off of my satellite airwaves. Because the great Lord knows that all you are looking for is a distraction as well as a way to keep your antics publicized. So stop pretending that Tim is even relevant and let’s get back to serious football. OK?


Brian Christopher Jenkins


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