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NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: Once a Cheat..Always a Cheat


I have, and always will be a believer in..”Innocent Until Proven Guilty”. That is of course unless it has to do with Bill Belichick, and the New England Patriots.

Once caught in the act of the infamous “Spygate”, the new episode of  “Deflategate” has reared its less than 12.5 psi head in the National Football League. And coach Belichick’s lame excuse as well as his so-called..”investigation”..into the matter makes him more of a suspect than a victim.

“I’m embarrassed to talk about the amount of time I’ve put into this compared to the other important challenge in front of us,” Belichick said. “I’m not a scientist, not an expert in footballs … I’m just telling you what I know. At no time was there any intent whatsoever to try to compromise the integrity of the game. Quite the opposite. We feel we followed the rules of the game to the letter in our preparation.”

This coming from a head coach in the National Football League who was caught and fined $500,000 for filming other teams practices. Or is Belichick so arrogant that he believes that all of us as fans are stupid, and may have forgotten his intent to deceive?

The Patriot’s internal investigation included multiple recreations of the process that occurs during games, from the point in which quarterback Tom Brady and the equipment staff begin working on a set of brand new footballs. Belichick said the Patriots’ footballs were prepared according to quarterback Tom Brady’s preferred texture before the game — a process that included what Belichick described as “vigorous rubbing” that resulted in the balls’ PSI being raised by one pound.
The balls were then delivered to the game’s officiating crew with the request that they be inflated to 12.5 PSI.

My response to this..”Who gives a Rats Hairy Ass”..what the New England Patriots internal investigation showed. Because no one outside of the Patriots organization was involved. So that means as much to me as O.J. Simpson claiming he had nothing to do with Nicole’s death.

Long story short..”THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS ARE CHEATERS”! It’s been proven in the past..and it’s being proven again. “SHAME ON YOU”..who consider them a Dynasty. Because I don’t recall any other Super Bowl Champions having to cheat beat anyone.


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