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Jenkins’ AFC North 2014-2015 Record Predictions

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From the AFC East, on over to the “Rivalry Infested” AFC North and predictions on where each team will place in their respective division.



Despite to acquisition of an aging Steve Smith, the Ravens will not surpass last season’s 8-8 record but will in fact match it. Showing that they have not and cannot refill the gap of now 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin, along with the non-existent and inconsistent play of quarterback Joe Flacco the Ravens are on a path to mediocre-ville once again. Not to mention the off the field issues with running back Ray Rice and other players. Time for them to start thinking about something other than arrest records and focus on winning records.




To this point, Cincinnati’s most significant free-agent signing has been a re-signing. By inking restricted free-agent linebacker Vincent Rey to a two-year deal, the Bengals maintained their depth at outside linebacker and kept a vital special-teams piece. Along with the signing of safety Danieal Manning, plus the loss of an unproductive James Harrison, the Bengals have one major hump to overcome..”Coaching”! As long as Marvin Lewis is at the helm, Cincinnati will never see full success.




First of all, “why don’t the Browns spring for a logo”? Second, “the Browns are who we thought they were”..and a whole lot less. Sad, for a once somewhat dominant and terrifying presence in the no longer existent AFC Central Division. But even with the supposed drafting of Johnny Manziel, the Browns have one constant winning deterrent..”Instability Within The Organization”. Until then, they still may not amount to much in the AFC North, but they may feel better about going into years ahead of them.





Keep in mind Steelers fan or not, I am showing absolutely no favoritism in my prediction for the 6x Super Bowl Champions. If I was showing favoritism I would have predicted a few more wins than the eleven I have given them. But it’s the fact that the Steelers actually have a seemingly easy schedule this season, and along with the acquisitions the team has made this offseason they have an excellent chance of winning the AFC North. Along with the “run first” mentality returning to the game plan, look for them to ground & pound the division this season.

And there you have it. Part two to my eight part 2014-2015 division predictions. Look for my input on the AFC South tomorrow.



7 comments on “Jenkins’ AFC North 2014-2015 Record Predictions

  1. Anthony Janis
    April 17, 2014

    this is too easy STEELERS RULE!!!

    • Brian C. Jenkins
      April 17, 2014

      Yeah. It’s hard to be critical of the Steelers, but they have a uphill battle ahead of them.

  2. glen
    April 19, 2014

    Homer…No way Steelers win the division with their makeshift defense and lack of playmaking ability on the offense. Teams old and in their decline. Years..get used to it, itks been 2 season’s already with the same old crap…Steelers will win the division and make the playoffs…enough already.

    • briancjenkins
      April 19, 2014

      Now that’s what I’m talking about. Great response, but the Steelers defense has improved slightly during the off season as well as their offense. Finished last years dismal season with an 8-8 record, 6-2 the last half. Plus, the division has done nothing to improve. Add all of that along with the draft and the implosion of the Ravens, inconsistency of the Bengals and the stuck in the mud Browns, and you have the Steelers winning the division.

    • jared hatfield
      October 12, 2015

      first of the steelers offense is probably second or the best they could make plays with your grandma as the quarter back and there defense is just as good as the bengals and the ravens browns defense is pretty tough if there healthy but they make more plays then a pro bowl teamcould ever make so suck my oscar meyer wiener

      • briancjenkins
        October 16, 2015

        Jared, thank you for explaining the dynamics of a Championship team to Glen. A person who obviously has no knowledge of the inner workings of a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers.

        Glen, learn something from Jared.

  3. Trey
    August 13, 2014

    Oh brother. Talk about being a homer. So everybody got worst, except YOUR TEAM. I watched the Steeler preseason openner. You should be concerned..very concerned.

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